The need for a good foundation - Haiti Arise builds houses for those in their community, built by locals, providing shelter, as well as employment throughout Grand Goave. Houses are more important than ever. The biggest cause of death during the earthquake was poor infrastructure. The concrete houses that are so common throughout the poor nation are strong enough to stand tall during their hurricane season, but were no match for the 2010 natural disaster. This was due to three reasons. Firstly, rebar was hardly ever used, and when it was, there usually wasn’t enough to provide support to the concrete. The second reason is that the concrete was mixed poorly, leaving air bubbles in the mixture resulting in a weak infrastructure. The final reason is because most buildings had no foundation, meaning there was nothing supporting the walls when the ground started shaking.

$5 from each book sold goes directly to charity

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About the charity - Haiti Arise is an organization based in Haiti, founded by Marc Honorat, a Haitian man who wanted to bring change to his country. 

Picture, left to right: My mom, me, Marc and my twin. Want more photos?

A helping hand - Haiti Arise provides help to those in need with their medical center, education from K-12, even extending to  post-secondary runs an orphanage and builds houses in the community.

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